Top 5 Benefits of Best Dealer Management Software

Dealer Management is one of the hectic tasks which require lots of manpower an huge attention. There are a number of the distributor in the market who faces trouble because of too much amount of work from morning to evening but they can’t able to manage their distribution activities, inventory management, purchase/sale, DSR or GST and etc. 

Doing business with Bill Book and pen-paper is an out-dated trend, now this is the time of on the go business solution. That’s why we at Bell technology designed and developed a Dealer Management Software that helps you to manage your distribution activities, stock management, inventory management, FSE management, DSR and Bill Book without any paperwork.

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BTHAWK- Wholesale Distribution Management Software developed to help the firm to improve retailer satisfaction, reduce stock management, sale and purchase management, and DSR generation and as well as GST report generation time. The new feature of BTHAWK allows you minimize expenditure like Accountant, Computer operator, Bill Book printing and etc. 

BTHAWK wholesale distribution software can help you to manage stock on the go, track inventory, fill orders, and improve purchase effort and customer support from anywhere. It’s a master solution designed for stockiest, super stockiest, wholesalers, dealer and distributors along with their FSE. 

The core feature of BTHAWK is

  • Sale/Purchase management
  • Stock management in real-time
  • Sell in credit/Cash management without Bill Book
  • Inventory Management
  • GST and DSR Management on real-time
  • E-Recharge
  • Localized language to do business without any problem
  • Full customized
  • Enhanced database support

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